CS Club Resources

For SJAM CS Club, from 2014 to 2015, Ian Fox and I created a series of lessons to teach introductory computer science to high school students. These resources for CS enthusiasts are now available to the public.

I hope this is useful to other CS clubs around the world that target high school students. I also welcome any suggestions for improvements to the material.


Accountability and the Web

Trudeau Metre (sic, see note) is a new website that aims to hold Prime Minister Justin Trudeau to his numerous promises. This website can be crowd-supported, like Wikipedia is, and can be updated in real time.

The Web is turning out to be one of the greatest innovations in terms of ensuring accountability for our elected officials. I hope innovations will continue, and people will find more and more creative uses of the Web to keep our government accountable for their promises.

Note: From my understanding a more accurate name for this website would be “Trudeau Meter”, with the -er spelling instead of the -re spelling, since even in Canadian English, a measurement device is named a “meter”.