Remember Peace

This remembrance day, as always, Canadians will honour those that died in war. Just one hundred days ago, Canadians were fighting on the front lines of the First World War. Many died for our cause and our freedom.

Indeed there will be many Canadians who have grandparents and great-grandparents that perished during the war, and they will be remembered. But some of those people fought not for Canada, but for one of the axis powers. They no less deserve to be remembered for their heroic acts.

During it all, we must not forget that these men died for a pointless war. These men died because the European powers desired to compete instead of collaborate. The First World War pit heroes against heroes, and many heroes were lost from it.

Every remembrance day, it’s important to remember not just the lives of those who died—the lives taken by war—but also to remember the lives saved by times of peace. Long may peace last for Canada, and may peace come to those places who need it.