Why is Valentine’s Day one day long?

Why is Valentine’s Day only one day long? Would that not imply that there is one day for Love? That Love is reserved for a special day, and so on other “unspecial” days, Love is out of season? Does its presence give authorization to withhold Love on other days?

Is overall affection enhanced or diminished by the presence of one Valentine’s Day and 354 days that are not Valentine’s Day? Is Valentine’s Day a prison for Love, confining it from the rest of the year? What has Love done to deserve such confinement? What crimes has affection committed to necessitate such isolation?

Is perhaps this contrary to the ideal of unconditional love, if love is conditional to the day of the year? Who really benefits from Valentine’s Day—the common man, or business owners?

Perhaps next year, consider to abolish celebration of the Feast of Saint Valentine. Consider whether it is really worth it. Consider critically its benefits and drawbacks.

Tradition is prone to error. It is our responsibility as humans to question tradition. Make an informed decision about which traditions are truly beneficial and which traditions are mistakes.

Do not fear to be alone—change needs a leader. Be one. Discuss the merits of Valentine’s Day with your other; keep a level head and avoid falling victim to the bias of tradition.

“It’s always been this way.” is not an argument for preservation. Who really benefits? What is harmed? Is increasing the wealth of the 1% really worth the imprisonment of Love, the confinement of affection?