Hack the North 2015 CTF

I had the privilege of contributing to Hack the North‘s 2015 capture-the-flag. After just under two days, it was finally solved. In all, this capture-the-flag provided a great learning experience to hundreds of those planning to attend Canada’s biggest hackathon.

The roaring success of this activity can only be described with numbers. So here they are, at least for the portions that I managed:

  • 1290 accesses of the employee panel
  • 988 login attempts on the employee panel
  • 687 attempts on the bank
  • 256 accesses on the admin panel
  • 86 accesses to the keys screen
  • 8 successes on internal node #4 (securehash)
  • 5 unique users completing the challenge

If you’re interested in the contents or solution of this challenge, please check out the in-construction solutions document.