Character Traits

This is part 3 of my procedural novel generator series. In the first two parts of this series (Part 1 and Part 2), I begun on the very basics of a procedural novel generator. Mostly it was simply name generation. Now I have added some rudimentary character traits, physical and psychological. To begin, here’s a sample of what can be generated now:

Here is a tale from the world of Carins.

I, Edwal Gan, am a seventeen-year-old boy. I stand 183 centimetres tall. I have a contusion of the skin. I am conscientious. I am somewhat reserved. I am somewhat reluctant to accept new ideas. I am not agreeable.

Ving Murphy is a twenty-seven-year-old woman. She stands 150 centimetres tall. She is often the centre of attention. She is agreeable.

I do not know Ving Murphy very well. I scorn Ving Murphy. I do not trust Ving Murphy.

Twenty seconds ago, I met Ving Murphy. Then, Ving Murphy punched me, inflicting a contusion of the skin. I punched Ving Murphy.

At present, as is probably obvious, the entire plot is scripted. This means that the characters currently do not have free will and so the character traits are inconsequential. However, they exist now and will provide a back-end for more complex functionality in the future. In addition to character traits, an injury system is present now, although injuries do not bother the characters one bit.

The personality traits already affect the outcome of meetings, however, with more alike people getting along better (unfortunately, this bonus to relations is nullified by the scripted attacks, which means the relationship between the characters is always negative) and the physical traits already affect the severity of the injuries. Unfortunately, making the plot unscripted is a very difficult task, so it’s likely that the next few parts will involve more character work before free will can even be considered.