Obesity and Health: Incompatible

I have nothing against overweight people—but some are very misguided in believing that one can be obese and healthy at the same time. A new study has once again confirmed the scientific consensus that obesity is unhealthy, period.

Obesity, like smoking, is a health issue. We should never discriminate against obese people—just like we should never discriminate against people who have eating disorders like anorexia—but the “Health at Any Size” movement is simply scientifically inaccurate and downright dangerous. Frankly, it’s equivalent to a campaign promoting “Health at Any Number of Packs a Day”, which would be laughed out of town if not censored outright.

As a society, we must stop discriminating against obese people, and we must also stop promoting obesity as acceptable. Yes, this means that fat shaming is bad. But radical “fat acceptance” is just as evil. Please don’t promote or share those kinds of posts.